Stephanie Needham


Hi there!

I'm Stephanie. A single mama to two sweet boys, and one amazing Berner pup!

When I began navigating the challenges of single parenthood, and seeking a way to provide a secure future for my family, I realized the transformative power of homeownership and I became passionate about helping others embark on the same journey.

I have a genuine understanding of the emotional and financial aspects of home-buying or selling, making my clients experience my utmost priority.  I am committed to a seamless and rewarding process!

I truly believe there is a solve for every problem, clear communication can mitigate the majority of issues, and preparation and research are invaluable.

My job goes beyond the transaction; it lies in the joy of helping individuals and families transition in and out of homes.

If you are thinking about a move, starting or expanding your investment portfolio, or have a friend or family member that is, I'd be honored to work with you or welcome a referral!

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Stephanie Needham

broker, licensed in Oregon


Windermere Realty Trust

2045 NE Martin Luther King Jr. BLVD

Portland, OR 97212